Intellectual Property Insurance

A company’s patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are, more often than not, it’s most valuable asset. With a global knowledge based economy, emerging growth businesses are susceptible to litigation surrounding intellectual property disputes. The increase in frequency and severity of intellectual property cases continues to escalate, with patent infringement blazing the path.

While some very limited coverage may be available in a company’s broader liability insurance program, specific insurance solutions for intellectual property are available. These offerings can be crafted to address a company’s enforcement actions surrounding its own IP or to defend itself from lawsuits alleging it infringed upon the IP of third parties.

IP insurance is a complicated, non-standardized insurance product and requires a skilled professional to guide a company in its overall assessment. A key to this process understanding that the devil is in the detail. Mason has vast expertise in IP coverage and assists its clients navigate the complexities of this exposure in all areas of risk.