Insurance Policy Analysis and Design

Insurance is complex. No two policies are the same and trying to compare options is a daunting task for most insurance buyers. Hiring a broker that has a high-level of technical knowledge of the marketplace is one of the most important business decisions a CFO can make. Mason understands how to analyze your options and design the most effective program for your risk management needs.

In-Depth Analysis

With hundreds of options available, the insurance marketplace can be overwhelming. Mason has a deep understanding of various insurance company options and how they compare. Analyzing your policy to determine its effectiveness, competitiveness and ability to be improved is a key component of our risk management strategy.

Tailored Design

Your company is unique and it requires a customized insurance program for maximum protection. Standard “off-the-shelf” approaches to insurance rarely address your biggest exposures properly and can lead to major gaps in coverage. Mason takes a custom approach when designing insurance programs to ensure that you have coverage for the things that matter most.