Global Insurance Compliance

Global expansion is commonplace in today’s economy to increase a company’s growth and opportunity. An expanding global footprint can span from a simple sales office to supply chain issues to major global subsidiary operations. As such, expansion can be relatively easy to manage or create obstacles from a risk perspective.

International Compliance

Assessment of global operations is a necessary first step to drive the solution to program design. Mason gains an understanding of our client’s specific international operations, associated physical assets and contractual obligations. The locale of operations is also critical. Many countries have local laws that require any local subsidiary company to purchase insurance coverage on an admitted basis from a locally licensed insurer. Further, some countries requiring local admitted insurance may impose significant fines and penalties to companies who are not in compliance.

Global Footprint

Mason is part of TechAssure, a global network of insurance specialists that Mason co-founded. With members around the globe, the TechAssure network allows Mason to align your insurance program with respected partners throughout the world. Globalization is a modern realty of business. Partnering with a firm like Mason ensures that your risks will be managed wherever you operate.

Advanced Market Analysis

Mason can provide you with industry-leading information on the legal, regulatory and insurance environments in over 170 countries around the world. Understanding local insurance requirements and compliance is an essential component of a properly designed global risk management program.