Contract Risk Analysis

Contracts are an essential component of doing business. However, many companies inadvertently enter into contracts that contain unfavorable terms or overreaching indemnity requirements. Contractual risks are often the main drivers of claims and can only truly be managed prior to the execution of the agreement. Managing contractual risks is an essential part of Mason’s strategy to improve your risk profile.

Contracts Unlimited

Contracts come in many different varieties and each has its own unique risks. Lease agreements, sales contracts, joint venture agreements, supplier or subcontractor agreements, mergers and acquisitions due diligence and other types of contracts all can lead to disputes between parties. Understanding how each of these agreements needs to align with your insurance program is one of the many reasons clients choose Mason as their risk management partner.

Deficiencies; Non-compliance; Violations

Emerging companies often enter into agreements that contain indemnity agreements that are unfavorable or against state indemnity statutes. They may also agree to indemnify risks that are not addressed by their insurance policies. It is Mason’s priority to review your contractual obligations and help you understand which risks can be insured and how to best structure the agreement in a fair and equitable way.

Mason is not offering legal guidance. Rather, we offer our clients an informed understanding of how their insurance policies may respond to executed contracts.