Clinical Trials Liability

As a critical yet complex form of insurance, Clinical Trial Liability is a necessity in the clinical research process. While extensive preparation and thorough research may present a trial as foolproof, clinical trials still present the risk of bodily injury as well as overarching financial and reputational risk.

Life Science companies also have a unique risk evolution and the insurance response grows more complex as the product nears completion. From the R&D lab to Phase 1, 2, 3 to regulatory approval to product launch – Mason is there to assist your organization and provide tailored risk management services throughout.

Global Reach

Mason is partnered with TechAssure – the international network of technology-related risk experts. Through this partnership, we are able to align your clinical trials insurance program with trusted partners throughout the world.

Top Tier Carrier Partners

Insuring clinical trials is not easy and not all companies provide an end-to-end solution. Mason is partnered with the leading carriers in the space and has access to senior level underwriters and executives to assist in best-in-class program design.