Internet marketplaces offer a fast, one stop shopping experience for consumers who live in a rapidly paced world. While offering such a unique service, marketplaces leave themselves open to types of risk which lends itself to personalized insurance packages. Mason has worked with many leading internet-based companies and understands these difficulties and how to address them.

Challenging the Status Quo

Many internet marketplace or “gig economy” companies aim to disrupt traditional industries. Innovation always brings new, unforeseen risks that are relying on a legal framework that predates their existence. Working with a broker that understands how to navigate the complex risk profile of an internet-based company is vitally important.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Innovations

Many internet-based companies utilize independent contractors (not employees), which can open new areas of risk for the company. There is little legal precedent for most issues that arise and the law is frequently vague or nonexistent for such new concepts. Increased regulatory burdens can also present new headaches and risk management obstacles.

Mason is the perfect partner for your internet-based company, whether startup or near-IPO.