Information Technology and Telecommunications

Commercial Information Technology allows enterprises to store, transmit and recover data, therefore securing a company and allowing it to prosper. However, by managing such large sums of important data and working to secure a company’s information, IT companies face risks that can be transferred through strong insurance solutions. The Communications Industry also faces increasingly global and complex risks.

Mason has developed insurance and risk management programs for some of today’s leading technology and communications companies. Since the DOT-COM era, Mason has worked with a variety of technology and communications companies, including:

  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Software Developers
  • Cloud/SaaS Providers
  • Big Data
  • Social Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile Device Manufacturers

Covering companies the IT and Telecom industries is highly complex and require a broker with technical expertise and market leverage. Mason works with the leading global and national insurers to craft coverage that addresses the unique exposures brought on by the use of technology as a service or product. Coverage can include the following:

  • Tech E&O / Professional Liability
    • Third party coverage
    • Financial injury to a third party caused by errors in your product or negligence in your provision of services
  • Data Privacy Liability
    • First or Third party coverage
    • Privacy remediation expense
    • Privacy regulatory defense costs
    • Privacy regulatory fines and penalties
  • Network Security Liability
    • First or Third party coverage
    • Business interruption
    • Data restoration
    • Cyber extortion
  • Media Liability
    • Third party coverage
    • Advertising and Personal injury
    • Infringement of copyright or other intellection property
  • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Coverage for Executive Liability
    • Coverage for the Entity
    • Public and private entities