Philip W. Mason, CIC

Founder & President

Phil Mason founded Mason in 1988. Since then, Mason has become one of the nation’s leading insurance agencies based on industry growth and profitability benchmarks.

In founding Mason, Phil’s vision was to provide insurance brokerage services to technology and life science companies with high growth potential and complex insurance needs. Then, as now, these companies face choosing between either a generalist insurance broker that doesn’t have the requisite expertise or a mega-large broker that may have the expertise somewhere but struggles to deploy it for all but their largest clients. Phil formed the firm to provide companies like this with a better choice.

The firm has since expanded to serve additional industries but the vision remains the same. Phil’s personal areas of expertise include merger and acquisitions, securities litigation, and professional liability. His clients include some of the country’s leading technology and life science firms, as well as the venture capital and private equity firms that fund them. Many of these companies operate in highly regulated environments or provide services to others that are highly regulated; this adds to the complexity of their risk management needs. “Often these companies are growing through acquisition, so we also need to look at them in terms of mergers and acquisitions, and how those changes can impact their overall risk,” Phil explains, noting that the nature of his clients means that their risks are not static, but are frequently new or emerging.

Phil has assisted clients in obtaining insurance settlements in a variety of costly and complex professional and securities liability litigation. Over the last 20 years, risk management and insurance programs designed by Phil have provided defense and indemnity for his clients in legal actions seeking hundreds of millions in aggregate damages.

Many of Phil’s clients have been with the firm since its inception more than 20 years ago. “I believe in taking a long view of our client relationships. We’ll invest in a small, developing firm by providing highly consultative insurance brokerage services because we know we’ll be doing business with that firm, or the chief financial officer of that firm, or the investors in that firm five, ten, or even twenty years down the road. I take that same view in developing our employees,” he notes.

Prior to forming Mason Technology Insurance Services, Phil was employed by Marsh where he provided insurance brokerage services to Fortune 1000 technology companies. “I literally grew up in the insurance business,” he says. “My parents are insurance entrepreneurs who built their own insurance agencies. The day after I graduated from college, I started my own career in insurance at Marsh.”

When not in the office, Phil makes his way to the mountains or to the beach. He is an avid fly fisherman, upland bird hunter and skier.

Certified Insurance Counselor
BA, Bates College

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