Personal and Professional Accountability

Mason serves as insurance broker to many of world’s most innovative companies, helping them efficiently manage complicated and often high stakes risks, complete strategic transactions, and address crucial regulatory matters.

Our technology and life science industry practices have been long regarded as among the best in the insurance industry, with a record of supporting clients from start-up to billion-dollar multinationals. Our venture capital practice serves many of the nation’s leading VC firms and offers a suite of exclusive insurance products and services recognized by industry associations as being among the finest available.

Whatever industry our firm serves, we are committed to providing our clients with a level of personal contact and professional accountability that is uncommon in an era of faceless financial services firms. Whether we’re helping a technology start-up with its first insurance purchase or supporting a venture capital firm raising a new fund, we know that our success is based on investing in our clients.

A Culture of Excellence

Underlying Mason is a drive for professional knowledge and a desire to leverage this knowledge for the benefit of our clients, big and small, creating a culture of excellence.

Insurance brokerage is a professional endeavor requiring specialized knowledge, which is made powerful by the broker’s independence to seek the best insurance solutions for its clients. These principles of professional knowledge, independence and accountability to our clients of all sizes are what we feel passionate about and what the firm is organized around. Our ability to pursue these principles is made possible by the firm’s history of profitability and private ownership.

We’re among the nation’s most successful privately owned insurance agencies. We don’t have to compromise our independence or professional delivery to satisfy short-term demands. Our success since the firm’s founding in 1988 allows us to take a long, thoughtful view of our client, insurer and employee relationships.