2017 Marketplace Risk Conference – September 11 – 13, San Francisco, CA

For the 3rd year in a row, Mason is proudly co-sponsoring the Marketplace Risk conference – a peer driven risk management conference for the on-demand, gig economy space. As this new age business model continues to gain momentum, so do the growing number of risks. Since the conference’s inception, companies and service providers have come together to collaborate ideas on managing real world risks the industry is facing.  There are a number of great discussions planned for this 2 day jam-packed event. Some highlights include:

Workers Classification: As states and legislators continue to debate the classification of workers connecting through online platforms the big question becomes, should these individuals be labeled as an independent contractor or as an employee?

Insurer Adaptation: With limited historical claims data, how are insurers responding to the growth of on-demand companies? Are insurance products and pricing evolving to meet the needs of companies operating in this space?

Cyber Security: Having a plethora of personal data, client records, background checks, and credit card numbers, what happens if there is a breach? What are the costs? How devastating can this be to your reputation? The opportunity for for cyber-attacks are near limitless and uncharted waters leaves lots of uncertainty.

For more information on the conference you can view this year’s agenda at www.marketplacerisk.com. There is limited space for this invite only event. If you are interested in attending please contact Dan Giampietro at dgiampietro@masoninsure.com